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Why you should be baptized

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Why you should be baptized

A diverse church for a diverse community.

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Why you should be baptized

The book of Acts has some of my favorite stories in scripture.  That might sound strange considering all the stories of war, betrayal, love, and miracles happen most in the Old Testament and the Gospels but Acts is a special kind of book that acts as both a blueprint and a testimony for us.  It is a testimony of the boldness of those who followed Christ after he ascended.  It’s also a blueprint in that we can glean many important truths about what it means to follow Christ and become a church.  What I like the most, however, is that Acts testifies to the fact that it was ordinary people who led this movement.  There are no grand characters like David, Samson, or Goliath in these stories.  Instead, there’s unschooled fishermen and women who simply learned to love Christ and as a result love others.  Armed with this new way of life (which is what the book of Acts calls it – “The Way”) the people began to testify to all that God had done…

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If you’re interested in being baptized or you’d like to share a testimony of faith email Pastor Jarrod for next steps.  

Candy Donation

It’s the end of September and we’re gearing up for our Superhero themed Community Harvest Party!  We’ll be collecting bags of candy over the next couple weeks so grab a couple extra next time you’re at the store and help power up our Community Party!  

Donations can be dropped off at the Welcome Center in the Dayspring foyer.

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