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What Prevents You From Following Christ Fully

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What Prevents You From Following Christ Fully

A diverse church for a diverse community.

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What Prevents You From Following Christ Fully

The Rejang River is 350 miles long and it also longest river in Malaysia. To these people, the Mighty Rejang is their River of Life.   Two years ago folks cut down an old engkabang tree near the long house bathing site as it was deemed to be dangerous to the bathers. The tree fell across the river.  But before the people in the longhouse managed to clear the whole tree from the river, the great flood came. The flood diverted the flow of the river which caused major erosion. That one engkabang tree that was initially cut down began to collect other river debris as it became more ominous in it’s diverted path. It was only after extensive dredging and clearing of  unwanted and potentially harmful debris was the river able to flow it’s given course again and be the blessing and the River of Life it has traditionally been to the people of Mighty Rejang River.

Jesus has gifted His children with the gift of His Holy Spirit, the living water of life to flow through us, enabling us with the ability to please God in our lives as we extend ourselves to the world around us.  Our spiritual logjams come from the unrepentant and unresolved sin (or the times we miss the mark of Christlikeness) in our lives…

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Superhero Harvest Party

The Superheroes are coming!  

This Sunday at 4 pm join us for a super fun time with our community.  Come dressed and ready to play as we help each person become a true hero!

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It’s your last chance to drop off candy for Sunday’s Superhero Party.  

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