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Helpful thoughts on the changes in our country

By this point I am sure the initial reactions, questions, and concerns have begun to settle in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage.  While I know that we at Dayspring hold many viewpoints on this subject, I did want to provide you a few links I think are helpful in coming to understand what this means and how we as Christians (and as Dayspring Community Church) should respond in the days going forward.

As you read through the following links I hope you’ll remember a these four things:

  1. Don’t use social media, email, or the comments section on a blog to argue with others.  If you want to talk about your opinions, the author’s thoughts, or anything else do it in person, with real people.
  2. Remember, we are called to love each other as God has loved us.  It’s the sign that we really are the followers of Christ.  So choose your words wisely in whatever conversations you engage in.
  3. Seek the benefit of others. God promises to take care of the rest.
  4. Pray for the benefit of those who hold different opinions.  No, that doesn’t mean pray they will have the same opinion as you; it means to pray for God to bless them with his grace, with his love, his mercy, his forgiveness, and his compassion.  Let God worry about the changing of hearts and minds.

Here’s the links I promised:

The first link comes from our Nazarene General Superintendents.  This will help you understand where we, as Dayspring Community Church, stand on the issue of gay marriage.

This second link comes from a pastor in Canada.  “I write from the perspective of a pastor of an evangelical church in a country where same sex-marriage has been the law of the land for a decade.  That does not mean I hold any uniquely deep wisdom, but it does mean we’ve had a decade to process and pray over the issue.”

This third link will give you a little more detail on the way our culture’s views are changing.  The history and facts here are important to know.

Finally, this last link gives some perspective on how to gracefully approach conversations about gay marriage and many other challenging subjects.

My hope is that we can be as generous to others as God has been with us.  I pray that we as a church would become a place where all people can find a home and together become the people of God.  I pray God would enable us to deal with our prejudices, our privileges, our biases, and our own sin in ways that build each other up.  I pray that God gives us the graces to know when we need to speak out and when we need to listen.  I pray that God would forgive us, the church around the world, for the times we have not loved as he has loved us.  And I pray that in the midst of all this change all people would come to know that our God is a sovereign God who in his grace is involved in our lives and is working against the sin that so harms people.  Amen.


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