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Ordinary is more than enough for God

I’m back in the office today (Friday) after having spent this week at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in a training called Mentoring Church Planters.  It’s part of an overall plan being developed between the other Nazarene churches in our area (what we call our district).  The idea is that after having this fourth training our team will now be prepared to help individuals and churches plant new works that reach out to unchurched people in our communities.  It’s being Jesus to our neighbors.  During one of the devotional times in the morning we were reminded of this passage from the book of Acts:

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

Acts 4:13

If you were to go back and read the book of Acts you’d notice that none of the men who were planting churches or doing great things in the name of God were professionals or the best of the best.  They were just ordinary men, unschooled even.

Often times it’s easier to find reasons why we can’t do something that God is calling us to do.  Our budgets are too fragile to give, we don’t have the time to commit, we don’t know how, we’re too worried about rejection, and on and on we can go but this short verse tends to stop us in mid-sentence.  They were ordinary people too.  They didn’t have the “right” spiritual gifts.  They didn’t have seminary educations.  They didn’t have endless funding.  They were ordinary men but they were men who had been with Jesus.

That verse has me thinking, “What would God do through you if you just let him do what God does?”  These ordinary men started a church planting movement that has continued for thousands of years.  Seriously, Christian churches didn’t exist until these ordinary men began planting them – the book of Acts is our historical record of their work.  Here we are almost 2000 years later and we’re still planting churches.  Again, what could God do through you if you just let him?  What’s God calling you to do in your workplace?  In your neighborhood?  In your family?  In your friends?

God looks for ordinary people through whom he can do extraordinary works.  Ordinary is just what God looks for.  The question is, “How will you respond?”


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